5 Technology Things to Improve the Efficiency of Your Company

From an analysis of the situation of companies, it emerges that the most important challenge is that of customer loyalty as an element to improve business efficiency. In addition to this, it is important to reduce costs and increase employee productivity. These are issues that are closely related to corporate efficiency and that have assumed […]

11 Tips for How to Manage A Company Finances And Beyond

Owning a small business is coupled with unique challenges. And knowing how to run a small business is complex. The small business owner must deal with all the challenges of selling, delivering, finance, managing, and growing the business with or without any employees, all while trying to achieve success. Some tips on how to manage […]

Step by Step Guide: How Can Find Investor for Your Business?

Think about it: if there are many young people today who are revolutionizing the market and displacing large companies, there are also people interested in investing money in these people. But make no mistake: the competition is getting stronger and you must prepare properly before you go around asking for contributions to your business. To […]

Top 10 IT Companies in Bangladesh

In today’s world, IT services are inevitable and IT companies are contributing massively to nation-building. Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a large number of IT service providers. This nation is also expecting to become a Digital economy by 2021. So, you must be wondering, what are the biggest IT […]

Bangladeshi Economy is Booming and Here is Why?

The economic growth of Bangladesh is booming because of high value, knowledge-intensive society while the Apparel industry is growing fast. There are several potential growth factors for this Asian economy to boom beyond apparel export including foreign remittance, the largest community of IT freelancers, education, light engineering, electronics, the automotive industry. Growth of the Economy […]