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Top 7 Companies in Bangladesh 2020

Top 7 Companies in Bangladesh 2020
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Bangladesh is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world with a current 7.86% GDP growth rate. Behind this massive economic growth, a group of strong and progressive companies is working tirelessly. With the uninterrupted contribution of local companies, the Bangladeshi economy has grown 6% annually for the last 20 years. We are going to list down the top 10 companies in Bangladesh which are aggressively growing and pulling a significant amount of revenue for the nation and the people. Some of these companies have become global can be considered as multinational companies operated from Bangladesh.

7 Largest Companies in Bangladesh   

Until now Bangladesh has over 5 lakh registered companies and 109.1 million workforces are working to improve the economic condition. PRAN, BEXOMCO, Square, ACI are some of the leading companies in Bangladesh. 

1. BEXIMCO Group 

BEXIMCO Group is the leading company in Bangladesh. Currently, 60000 people are working in BEXIMCO and holding $1.4 billion in assets all over the world. As I have said previously, that some Bangladeshi companies are considered to be multinational companies and it is one of them. Currently, BEXIMCO is serving all over the world with a wide range of products including textiles, fashion, food, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, news media, TV channels, real-estate, banking, communication, etc.

2. PRAN-RFL Group 

PRAN-RFL Group is another big name among Bangladeshi companies. It started its journey in 1981 and has come a long way. This multinational company is involved in exporting a range of consumer products in 138 countries. This group of companies is largely involved in manufacturing food products, textile, electronics lift and generators, furniture, bikes, etc. We can call this as the market leader of cast iron and PVC products. The export of PRAN-RFL went up to $261 million in 2017. 

3. ACI 

ACI (Advanced Chemical Industries) is another leading company in Bangladesh maintaining strong revenue from the domestic and international arena. ACI is considered to be the market leader of chemicals. Besides, it has pharmaceuticals, healthcare, electronics, Apex lather, consumer brands, communication, plastics, and food businesses. With more than 9000 employees, ACI is exporting more than 5000 product items in 10 countries. 

4. NAVANA Group 

NAVANA Group was established in 1964 by Mr. Zahurul Islam. He started with a construction company named Bengal Development Corporation. Now NAVANA is one of the leading construction companies in Bangladesh along 15 more companies. The business has been expanded into many sectors including Renewable energy, Real-estate, industrial equipment, Electrical and electronics, Food, furniture, medical equipment, and petroleum products.

5. Abul Khair Group 

Abul Khair Group started its business in 1953 and has become one of the largest conglomerates in Bangladesh. The company has multiple business initiatives including Tea, Beverage, Dairy Products, Real-estate, Tobacco, Ceramics, cement, and shipping line. Abul Khair Group is currently employing an estimated 38,000 people in different business concerns.  

6. Square Group 

Square is one of the most reputed companies in Bangladesh popular for healthcare and pharmaceuticals. Samson H Chowdhury founded Square Group in 1958 and it went public in 1991. This company is a leader in pharmaceuticals and has a range of business concerns. At present Square is in toiletries, textile, healthcare, Egro Vet products, information technology, etc. More than 28000 people are working for Square and it has more than 616 million dollars turnover annually. 

7. Bashundhara Group 

Since its inception, it has been a very popular Real Estate company in Bangladesh. It was established in 1987 and it has expanded its business in many ways. Currently has many concerns including Cement, Real Estate, Media group, toiletries, paper mills, Bank, Shopping mall, steels, etc. An estimated 15000 people are working for Bashundhara Group. 

In short, there are many big scale companies in Bangladesh and they have been working to improve the economy in many ways. BEXIMCO, PRAN-RFL, ACI are some of the top companies in Bangladesh. 

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